HR Management System Software

Human Resource Management System Features at a glance

HR Management Software

A 360-Degree overview of your employees and their skills

With the help of our HR management system, you will be able to track and manage your employees better than ever.

You will be at the control of your employees rather than your employees controlling you.

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Efficient Recruiting System

Efficient recruiting

With our human resource management software, you will able to have a wonderful recruiting process in place from

which you will be able to recruit the best personnel for your organization.

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Workforce Management

End to end workforce management

In a big organization, managing the workforce becomes a huge challenge. By using our software,

you will be able to manage the workforce of your organization flawlessly.

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Enhanced Collaboration

Enhanced collaboration

Collaboration between the management and employees and also between all the employees is very important

in order to get your business up and running when you are running a large company with many staff. Having or HR software in your organization helps you to enhance that collaboration in your company.

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Accurate Evaluation System

Accurate evaluation and appreciation

From time to time, you need to evaluate your employees and also appreciate their work.

However, with having so many employees working for your organization, it really becomes a tough job to evaluate them and appreciate their work. With our software, you will be able to do this quite easily and properly.

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Payroll Management System Software

Payroll management

Managing the payroll of the employees is really tough for organizations that have a huge number of employees.

However, with our software, you will be able to do this quite efficiently.

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Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling

From time to time, you might have to schedule the work for your employees. However, with so many employees,

you may have a hard time to schedule the work for them. Having our HR system in place can surely help you to schedule the work for your employees quite easily.

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Attendance Management Software System

Time tracking and attendance management

Tracking the time of the work of your employees and checking their attendance is something that will help you to assess how efficiently you employees are working.

However, with so many employees, it becomes a challenging job for you to keep a track on working time and attendance of your employees. Our HRM software is designed to help you with that efficiently.

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Analytics & Reporting System

Analytics and reporting

Another challenging job for you is to have the analytics and the reporting of your employees’ work in place at the right time.

With the help of our HRM system, you can get the right analytics and reporting of your employees’ work in your in no time and anywhere.

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Fully Customization System

Customization and scalability

We, at Saniiro, understand that the need of each and every organization is different. That is why you should be looking to choose the best HR software

which can be customized according to your need. Our software gives you the facility of customization and scalability that will help you to make adjustment according to the need of your company.

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Reliable Support

Reliable support and easy to use

We, at Saniiro, also provide support when you need it. If you are facing trouble in handling our software then you can easily reach out to us.

We will help you comprehensively and solve each and every query that you have regarding our software. However, you will not be requiring our help that much because our cloud HR software is very easy to use.

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Common Features of Human Resource Management System by Saniiro

Mobile and Tablet friendly

Our software is also mobile and tablet friendly. So, you can use our software wherever you go.

Available in all Mobile App

Whether you are a user of a smartphone or tablet that runs with Android operating system, you will not have trouble using our software because it is available in all mobile app stores.

Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support

Our software provides multi-currency and multi-language support so your country’s currency or the language in which your proficient will not be the barrier when you look to use our software.

Choose Module

Our software is available in various modules. Therefore, you can choose the module which will suit your business needs.