Billing Management System Software

Billing Management Software Features at a glance

POS Billing Solutions

Multi POS billing solution

Customize Invoices

Create and customize invoices

Minimize frauds & Improve Security

Minimize frauds and improve security

Debit & Credit Note

Issue debit note and credit note

Ledger outstanding

Ledger outstanding and ledger summary

Multiple Billing Report

Generate multiple billing report

Multiple Payment Options

Multiple payment options

Customer Records

Customer records creation

Multiple currency and language support

Multiple currency and language support

Billing Solution BMS

Recurring billing solution

Renting BIll Solutions

Renting bill solution

GST Complied Invoicing Software

GST complied invoicing

GST Report Generation

GST return related reports generation

World Wide Tax Compilance

World wide tax compliance

Card Billing Solution

Wallet/ Virtual money/ Member card billing solution

Barcode & QSR Code

Barcode and QSR code support

Why Does Saniiro Have The Best Billing Management Software?

In this day and age, technology is bringing major changes to every sector. If you are running a company then you might be in search of ways to streamline your billing process. One of the best ways to do that is by opting for a billing management software. It helps you to make the whole process of billing in your organization quite easy and enables you to focus on other parts of your organization. This really helps you to focus more on your production and process management which leads to the growth of your business.

Now, the first question that you might have in your mind is how you can choose the best bill management tool for your company. Frankly speaking, it is not a cake walk when it comes down choosing a particular bill management software for your company. The reason for that is you have got an enormous amount of choice which can sometimes make you baffled. That is why you must be looking for ways to make sure that you are getting the right billing management tool for your company otherwise you could be in for a lot of trouble. Also, if you choose the wrong software, you might be facing loss in your business which you just cannot afford.

So, before opting for an invoice management software, you should be looking at some of the following things which will definitely help you to subscribe to the right tool for your business.

Cost of the Software

Now, the cost is something you should not be prioritizing much when it comes to the availing an invoice management tool. However, having said that, the cost does play a key role in choosing the software. When you search of the bill management software, you will mind much cheaper software which charges very low and there will others which will compel you to spend extravagantly. Now, it is definitely up to you which one you choose. Before you make a purchase of the software, just keep in mind an old saying, you get what you pay for. So, if you go by the price tag and choose cheaper software then you might get into a lot of trouble.

However, that does not give you a guarantee that if you buy expensive software, you will not face any trouble. The fact of the matter is, price does not guarantee you anything. It just gives you an indication of the quality of the software and how it will be beneficial for your company.

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Recoding the Data of the Clients

Basically, when you are buying a billing management software, you will be looking for ways to create the bills for your clients but will also be looking to store the data of the clients. There are many types of data that you might need to save on your software which includes:

  • Name of the Client
  • Address of the Client
  • Email Address of the Client
  • Products and Services the Client has taken from you
  • Website of the Client
All in all, you should have an integrated data management program inside the software which will allow you to have profiles of the clients in the software. Also, if the software allows you to customize this data input then you can consider yourself lucky because of most of these types of software do not allow you to do that.

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The Convenience of Data Sharing

Another important aspect of the billing management software is the sharing of the data you are storing. Now, in many instances, you might have to share the data you have stored with the other departments of your organization. This streamlines the workflow between one department to the other. However, data sharing could be a hectic work if you are choosing a cheap software because those do not give you that much leverage and ease of sharing the data with other departments of your organization.

See, billing is perhaps the most important department of your company apart from the production and process management and the reason for that is if you cannot have a strong billing management in place then you might be facing a lot of trouble as far as the revenue is concerned. Therefore, choose a software that allows you to share the data quite easily with other departments and colleagues in your company.

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Searching the Old Invoices

When you are creating a new invoice for a particular client, you might be looking for a specific invoice of the specific month of the clients. For example, you want the invoice for MR. X which you sent in the month of June in the year 2016. If you have a cheap and average billing management software in your organization, you will struggle to get that one out from the database. However, when you have a good billing management software in place, you will get a search facility in which by enter a specific set of keywords, you will be able to find the invoice you want. You will also be able to filter the search results which will help you to get the right invoice in no time.

Alerting You for the Late Payments

One of the biggest problems you might face if you work with multiple clients is you might even forget about the payment of the clients. This could allow the client to escape without making any payment even after availing your products and services. It is one of the main reasons for you to opt for the billing management software. Once you have a wonderful invoice management software in place, the software will itself alert you about the non-payment of the client which will allow you to approach the client for the payment and save your company from severe losses.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the right bill management tool is truly a tough ask. But while choosing the software, if you could somehow figure out whether the software fulfils these aforementioned criteria then it will help you to avail the best bill management software for your company.