Accounting Software

Accounting Software & Financial Software Features at a glance

Automated Financial Processes

Automated, flexible financial processes

Accounting Business Insights

Business Insight

Accounting Software Imrove Productivity

Cloud architecture for lower IT cost and improve productivity

Separate Reporting System

Multiple company combined reporting and separate reporting

Financial Management functions

Automate and streamline core financial management functions

Voucher Entry

Party creation and voucher entry

Project accounting software

Fund accounting and project accounting

Revenue recognition Management Software

Revenue recognition and management

Maintain Accurae audit

Maintaining a complete and accurate audit trail

Minizing overall paperwork

Minimizing overall paperwork

Time & Expense capture

Time and expense capture

Account Receivable

Accounts receivable (order to cash)

Account Payable

Accounts payable(procure to payment)

Financial transparency system

Full financial transparency

Tax compliance

Tax compliance and simplification

Cost saving & Security

Cost saving and security

Financia; Statement

Preparation of financial statements i.e. TB, P2C, BS

Cash Flow Statement

Cash flow and fund flow statements

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation

Advance Reporting

Advance reporting

Ratio analysis

Ratio analysis

Amortizing Prepaid expenses

Amortizing prepaid expenses

Depreciating Assets according

Depreciating assets according to accepted schedules

Keeping track Liabilities

Keeping track of liabilities

Income Statements

Coordinating income statements, expense statements, and balance sheets

Multiple Bank Accounts

Balancing multiple bank accounts

Ensuring Data Integrity

Ensuring data integrity and security

Records up to date

Keeping all records up to date

Cost center accounting and reporting

Accounting Software comparision

Comparison with previous year figures

Why Should You Opt for Saniiro's Software?

If you are a start-up working in the direction of becoming something big, you need to keep track of your finances at all costs. This is why we suggest that you spend on Saniiro. Our financial software is the best in the category and lets you learn the nuances of accounting even if you do not belong to the background. Our financial software will be able to work in your favour and bring out the best of features to your business startup. Moreover, if you have just started a business and tired of looking for a GST accounting software that is good enough to do the task assigned, then you should immediately invest in the use of our Saniiro GST software.

Reporting and analysis

It is imperative for the financial management systems to make reports and give commentary on the latest development in the finances of the company. Our financial management software is robust enough to make a consolidated statement provide the reports that will give you a clear idea of the standing of the company and analyze the changes that you can make to become a better company in the future.

Saniiro Softwares
Saniiro Software
Graphics in the software

Accounting is a game of numbers, and it can get pretty dull and difficult to understand for those who are not interested in accounting. Our financial management software can make the game of numbers quite impressive with the use of graphics with colours, bar graphs, and pie charts.


The financial management systems can be mind-boggling for you. But the fact is that with automation feature you can make the personal finance software an easy thing to manage. The financial accounting software becomes fun to handle when you can automate the task of bringing profits and losses in the balance sheet without manually calculating the same.

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Automatic updates

Our financial accounting software offers the feature of automatic updates on your system. With this distinguishing feature, you are up to date with the latest in the industry that gives you an extra edge over other companies. While the others are still fighting over buying the latest version of financial tracking software, you can make the one time purchase with us and enjoy free updates at a later stage.

Internet connectivity

While the whole world is relying on Internet services, you cannot lag behind with the use of the obsolete software. We insist that you buy our best financial tracking software that will offer excellent Internet connectivity for sharing the data within the different departments online.

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When you talk about the accounting systems of a company, a financial software solution is only considered good if it has a maximum level of protection inbuilt in the system. Pioneers in the industry have designed our software keeping in mind that security should be up to the mark at all times.


The software management tools in our software have been developed in a way that they can adapt to the changes in the working of the company. In other words, our software grows with the growth of the company. The details in the software will increase with the increase in the nitty-gritty of the company profile.

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Features of Saniiro GST Software:

There are many distinguishing features of our software that make it the best GST software in India. It has been specially designed to keep in mind the various business prospects and how the GST compliance software can make things simpler for the user. It offers features like absolute data security so that any transaction made between the user and the company in the B2B or B2C zone can remain between the two. It is easy to understand and use for your business making it one of the best GST software in the industry.

Benefits of Using Our GST Software

Once you connect the GST compliance software to your business account in the bank, you will be able to track your payments automatically, track your bills raised for the clients, and systematize the process of purchase and sale of products in a better way. You can also make business reports on the software that helps in making the prospects easy.

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Offshore Trading Freedom:

Some business establishments that work in synchronization with outside companies have to export the products made in India. It involves transactions that need the current rate of exchange of the currency of another country. Our GST billing software allows you to work in multiple currencies and supports various languages for the ease of use of other business owners as well.

Common Features of Human Resource Management System by Saniiro

Mobile and Tablet friendly

One of the most attractive parts of our software is that it will not be mandatory for you to be in the office in order to use it. Our software is mobile and tablet friendly. Therefore, wherever you are, if you have your smartphone with you then you will be able to operate our software.

Available in all Mobile App

The operating system of your smartphone will have no impact on whether you can use our software nor not because our software is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry applications stores.

Choice of Modules:

The need of every company is different and one thing which is good for a company will not work in the other. By keeping this idea in mind, we, at Saniiro, have developed the software which is available in various modules. You can choose the module which will be beneficial for your company specifically.