Ecommerce Development tools

E-commerce Features at a glance

Ecommerce Website Design

Pre designed themes of e-commerce web

Manage Customers & Other

Manage customers and orders

Ecommerce Product Invenptory

Manage product and inventory

Simplify marketing and SEO enabled

Automate Shipping and Tax

Automate shipping and tax

Enhance Customet Experience

Enhance customer experience

Web Hosting Services

Web hosting service

Ecommerce Product Catalog

Product catalog (with multilevel product catalogue)

Ecommerce Payment Processing

Payment processing

Ecommerce Order Fulfilment Shipping

Order fulfillment and shipping

Online Business

Quickly start your online business

Ecommerce Inventory

Connect with your live inventory

Ecommerce Responsive Website

Responsive website

Software Linked with Android App

Software linked with android app

Ecommerce Multi Search Relevance

Multi search option with priority, brand, cost, relevance

Products Variant

Product variants, with different price

Ecommerce Wish List Features

Wish list and add cost

Ecommerce Bulk product

Bulk product upload

Ecommerce Safe and secure

Safe and secure system

Why Does Saniiro Have The Best E-Commerce Development Tools?

The benefits of e-commerce website

The demand of online shopping has also lead to a rising in the number of companies that have adopted the online selling model. These small time companies and vendors that were only supplying products to the local markets up till now have tapped on to international markets as well. The vendors who were into wholesale buying and selling up till now can directly contact the end user instead of waiting for someone to hire them for production.

With so many benefits you should opt for our e-commerce website builder too. It has features that will make the process quite easy for you in the long run. You may be worried about the detailing involved in the process of an e-commerce website, but with the help of our e-commerce website builder, you will be able to smooth out the whole process with minimum hassles. So invest in our best e-commerce website builder now and free yourself from all the worries.

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Saniiro Softwares
Saniiro Software
What makes Saniiro the best?

Other website builders maybe promising a lot of things to you and you might have this obvious question of which one to choose? We strongly suggest that you should select the best e-commerce website builder than reduces your efforts and gives you the feature of being mobile and tablet friendly so that you can control your website on the move, in prices that fit well within your budget. Our e-commerce development tools help in providing multi-language and multi-currency support to the system along with other things. Some of these features have been mentioned underneath.

This e-commerce development tool is also available on various application platforms such as Android and many other and the best part of is you can choose the modules of this e-commerce development tools according to the need of your business.

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Marketing and promotional tools

When you are looking forward to investing an e-commerce website development India, you have to cater the content to the market and understand the underlying sentiments so that you do not lag behind the other websites offering similar content. Our e-commerce development tools provide marketing and promotional content for you. It helps you create the content and market products in a fashion that it will sound appealing to the consumers and lead them to become your loyal customers.

Ecommerce Website building
Best Ecommerce Website Building
The flexibility of website building:

E-commerce website development India will be entirely different in comparison to other countries. The people here have excellent investment capacity but will always look for value for money products. Our best e-commerce development tools offer you pre-designed themes for e-commerce websites. You need not restrain your ideas to fit the e-commerce site development tools. The website automated tax and shipping accomplice that will help you make the process smooth. Customization of the content will make you feel a lot more lively and creative when you are building the website. It also offers product catalogue at multi-level along with payment processing services. Al this will help in the process of order fulfilment with ease.

SEO compliance:

One of the most important features of our e-commerce site development tools is the fact that it offers search engine optimization along with other features that can help you rank your website well on a search engine. You might not feel comfortable with a lot of jargons thrown your way when you are reading up on website building. Our easy-to-grasp features will help you in this regard. You can do trial and run method for your website before you even launch it officially. The SEO features are built in a fashion that anyone with minimal or no knowledge of running SEO website will be able to master the skill in no time.

Ecommerce With Payment Gatway
Best Payment Gatways
Payment gateway:

One of the problems that people face while building their website is that they may not get many options for choosing the payment gateway of their choice. This problem can be a big one for consumers as well. With our website builder, you will get an inbuilt system that lets you choose the payment gateway and integrate it into your website. The platform is so secure in its algorithm that t is perfectly safe for the consumer as well as for you.

Managing Customers and Orders:

With our website development, you will be able to manage the orders of your customers in a swift and flawless way. This will enhance the experience of the customer and will force him/her to return and shop from your store once again.

Web Hosting Services
Best Web Hoting Services
Web Hosting Service

We provide excellent web hosting service as well that will make your website run much faster giving a wonderful user experience for your customers. The websites we make are all responsive websites.

Multi-search option:

With our website building tool, you will be able to create a multi-search option for your users in which they can personalize their experience with priority, brand, cost, and relevance. You will also be able to create a wish list for your customers on your e-commerce website.

Safe and secure system
Secure system
Safe and Secure System:

The whole system or the framework in which you will be working is absolutely safe and secure and you will also be able to upload bulk order without facing any problem.

Common Features of the CRM Software by Saniiro

Ecommerce Mobile Friendly
Mobile and Tablet friendly

You would want to be in control of your organization even when you are not present. By using our software, you can do that because our software is mobile and tablet friendly.

Ecommerce mobile App
Available in all Mobile App

The type of operating system you use will not be a matter because our software is available in Android operating system.

Ecommerce supports multi language support
Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support

Our software will also provide you with multi-currency and multi-language support. So, the currency of your country and the language you speak will not be a hindrance for using our software.

Ecommerce Module
Choose Module

Our software has various modules to fulfil all your business needs. So, you can choose the module of our software that will suit your business model.